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Musicians can also be "Green"
By Kathy Muneno
KHON 2 News
Initial airing - 9/9/08

When he heard of the plight of Hawai'i's native plants and animals, he heeded a call to action.

Leokane Pryor, shows that musicians can be Green Two.

Leokane Pryor sings of the forest, the native birds and the loss in Ke Ho'olono Nei.

"When I realized the plight of native Hawai'i which was brought to my attention which I didn't even know really what is happening to our beautiful native species I felt compelled to do something just as a person, Keiki o Ka Aina from here," he says.

It was brought to his attention by the head of the nature conservancy in Hawai'i suzanne case, in a chance meeting in California where Leokane had moved many years back. Leokane moved back to Hawai'i...Suzanne wrote the lyrics to Ke Ho'olono Nei, Leokane the music.

It was a hit with children in Maui Schools.

"They studied these beautiful plants and birds talked about the mele so we knew that this was a powerful way to teach and inspire from there we partnered with the mountain apple company and created the DVD Maoli No."

Hana is Leokane's home, one he sings about in his new CD Home Malanai....and where he puts his "do something" mantra into further action.
He and others in the community started cleaning the beaches every month or two..then they took a bigger step....fundraising through friends and by selling t-shirts declaring "hana trash club"...."malama hana" take care of hana.

"And we gathered these funds and right now we're buying biodegradable serving are and we're giving it for free to non-profits in Hana for their events because our idea is it's not congruent to have events that take care of people that are not good for the Aina."

He says any community can do the same and as Ke Ho'olono Nei says, together show that we are listening to the plight and a vision of hope.

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